Effective 9/1/2023

Centerpoint School and
Centerpoint’s Adolescent Treatment
Clinics are closed and are no longer
available for programs,
services, or support.

As announced on June 20, 2023, the Centerpoint Partnership Board has made the decision to cease operations. This includes the closure of the AOE-approved independent school programming through the Centerpoint School and Centerpoint Educational Initiatives, as well as closure of Centerpoint’s community-based and clinic-based Substance Abuse & Mental Health (SAMH) Services.

Integrated therapeutic and specialized educational services will continue to be offered through SouthPoint, a consortium school program provided by and supported through the South Burlington School District (SBSD). Based at Centerpoint’s long-standing South Burlington campus (1025 Airport Drive), program leaders Katie Cunnigham, MEd and John Grimm, LICSW will continue with the leadership of this programming. Katie can be reached at 802-363-0416 or KCunningham@SBSchools.net. John can be reached at 802-324-4507 or JGrimm@SBSchools.net.

Through Principles to Practice, L3C,
Centerpoint Consultation, Training, and Technical Assistance (CTTA) Services, including the Vermont Treatment Enhancement Program (VTEP), continue to be available with CTTA Principals
Mitchell Barron, LICSW LADC and Danielle Jatlow, LICSW LADC.

MitchB@CenterpointServices.org or DanielleJ@CenterpointServices.org.

Click here for more information about Mitch.
Click here for more information about Danielle.
To learn more about VTEP, click here.

Many of Centerpoint’s innovative SAMH Clinicians will continue to practice independently within the greater Chittenden County communities, including through:
– Matrix Health/Otter Creek Associates
Black Barn Counseling and Consultation
– Vermont Center for Resiliency
– Venture Counseling, LLC
– Little Mountain Counseling, LLC
– Creekside Counseling, LLC

We apologize for the tremendous impact that this closure is having on the young people and families that we have served, on the many community organizations and schools with whom we have so closely partnered, and on those who have shared with us – with such honesty, grace, and vulnerability – just how much they have relied upon and appreciated our support.

We wish you all the very best – new doors will open, and we hope to be sharing some familiar, friendly faces.  And – as has always been a part of our mission here at Centerpoint – we believe in the strengths and qualities that YOU bring… and we have been honored and privileged to support you all in your journeys.

Thank you.

If you are in crisis or need immediate assistance,
please call 802-488-7777.

For 28 years… A little bit about us

Centerpoint provides a full array of therapeutic & educational supports and services to teens, young adults, and their families faced with emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, or special learning needs.

At Centerpoint, we believe in the strengths and assets of the young people, families, and communities with whom we work. We recognize that our clients bring with them the capacity to improve their lives, and we offer our skill, dedication, creativity, & flexibility to assist our clients as they make these life changes.

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