With the leadership and vision of Bess O’Brien and Kingdom County Productions, Centerpoint is excited to be co-producing the Listen Up Project, a statewide youth created, youth written musical about the challenges and joys, the risk and resilience of being a young person in Vermont in 2019.  As a youth development and health promotion project, the Listen Up Project will be connecting with more than 1000 teens across Vermont, identifying interests and needs, providing support, creating connections and building community.  As theater for social change, the Listen Up Project helps to create a platform for young people to amplify their voices and help to create the world in which they would like to live – all through the power of performance and theater.  Like to get involved? Like to learn more? Check out the Listen Up website or click here: ListenUp@CenterpointServices.org.

Listen Up press conference at the Vermont State House on February 12, 2019, with comments from Governor Phil Scott, Attorney General TJ Donovan, Health Department Commissioner Mark Levine, MD, Blue Cross Blue Shield President Don George, and some amazing perspectives from Voices Project Alumna Annalise Shelmandine and BHS student Finn.

We are so appreciative for the major sponsorship from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and the Vermont Department of Health in their support of the Listen Up project.  We would also like to thank the University of Vermont Medical Center and the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation for their support.  Like to donate to the listen Up project? Click here

A little bit about us

Centerpoint provides a full array of therapeutic & educational supports and services to teens, young adults, and their families faced with emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, or special learning needs.

At Centerpoint, we believe in the strengths and assets of the young people, families, and communities with whom we work. We recognize that our clients bring with them the capacity to improve their lives, and we offer our skill, dedication, creativity, & flexibility to assist our clients as they make these life changes.


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