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As of 9/1/23, Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services, including Centerpoint School and Centerpoint Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, is closed.
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While many students, clients, and families take advantage of Centerpoint services in one of our clinic or school campus locations, just as many are served through community-sites that allow ‘easier access’ to our supports and programs. Centerpoint’s field and community-based services include:

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Truancy Intervention and Support Services

Click here for a downloadable and print-ready version of the Chittenden Truancy Response – Service and Access Screening.  This form can be completed to help clarify current needs and to identify a range of community supports that may be available for the student and family.

The Service and Access Screening form may be submitted as part of an Affidavit to the Chittenden County States Attorney and can also be completed as part of a Referral for Services and Support through Centerpoint.

At Centerpoint, we recognize that truancy and school absenteeism is most often a symptom of complicated issues, some of which are identified on the Screening Form, and most of which can be considered within this framework:

Our work to support young people and their families is designed to promote health and growth within the home, school, and community – and to address the interfering challenges within the home, school, and community – all while helping the young person to become healthy, well, and engaged in their life’s opportunities.  Interested in learning more? Click here 

The Chittenden County States Attorney has also established new criteria, intended to use the Court and legal processes for the most urgent and serious cases in which the Court can take certain actions that a school is unable to take.  These criteria recognize that services and supports are often a better response to truancy than legal action, that Court involvement often places additional stress and burden on under-resourced families, and that the Court should not be used as a scare tactic.  To read the position and criteria as established by the Chittenden County States Attorney, click here.

Community Health and Youth Development

In addition to intensive services and supports, Centerpoint is also a leader in youth development, prevention, and community health initiatives, including the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community and Connecting Youth (CY) in Chittenden South. Click on these links to learn more.

Community-Based Programming at the Centerpoint School

Community-based programming is a foundation of the treatment and educational services at the Centerpoint School. Through Career-Development Experience, community connections and partnerships, the Centerpoint Cooperative, internships and mentorships, college classes, and community skill building, Centerpoint School students address many of their social, emotional, and educational needs through real-life applied learning experiences. “Bringing the classroom alive” and “the schoolhouse without walls” are often heard descriptions of the learning process at Centerpoint – an approach that allows students to see the practical value of their educational experience. This community-based programming also helps to foster lifelong connections that are important for our students as they pursue further education, future employment, and successful young adult community living.


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