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As of 9/1/23, Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services, including Centerpoint School and Centerpoint Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, is closed.
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Checkpoint is a comprehensive school health and wellness approach to insuring that students with a range of needs receive Screening to best determine what may be most helpful… Brief Intervention to support life skill building that is well-designed and tailored for all students… and access to any additional Services and Supports that may be indicated.  Through Checkpoint, students find their motivation, develop new strategies for success, and increase their ability and capacity to make healthier choices.

Sometimes referred to as an ‘SBIRT’ program, Checkpoint begins with a Screening that identifies student strengths, interests, needs, challenges, hopes, and goals.  Offered in both individual and group formats, Checkpoint includes three Brief Intervention sessions that address a variety of topics, including:

  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Stress Reduction & Coping Skills
  • Personal Assets Inventory, Resiliency Skills, and Healthy Supports
  • Planning for Set-Backs and Managing Unhealthy Influence & High-Risk Situations

These individual and group sessions focus on ‘real-world’ application and rehearsal of new skills to reinforce the successful use of these skills in school, at home, and within the community.

Why do students participate in Checkpoint?

For some, Checkpoint is offered as a school-based health care service or is partnered with existing programs for easy access.  For these participants, there may be no need for further services following completion of Checkpoint  – or – participants may take full advantage of the range of specialized counseling and social support available.Checkpoint is also offered to students who may already be identified with additional needs, such as those who have experienced significant challenges in their lives or are in the midst of big transitions. These students participate in Checkpoint + COGS, matching the SBIRT program with a ‘restorative approach’ to ongoing support, known as a Circle of Guidance and Support .  The school-community COGS helps to insure that skills and successes achieved through participation in Checkpoint are sustained through the school year.

And for students who have violated a school behavioral policy, including substance use policies, Checkpoint is offered as an intervention alternative to help prevent the need for greater consequence and sanction (such as school suspension or expulsion).  In these cases, Checkpoint + Restorative Panels is an option for students to fulfill school policy requirements while also building new skills, sharing their progress with their team, identifying unmet needs, and receiving additional support through a series of periodic restorative meetings with school administrators and other allies.

Checkpoint is provided in collaboration between Centerpoint and host schools or organizations. Through these partnerships, students have access to a broad array of supports to increase school success, to promote personal health & well-being, and to address life-interfering situations such as mental health concerns, substance misuse, family challenges, and educational difficulties.

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