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As an organization focused on youth, families, and community health, Centerpoint is a unique affiliation with three of Vermont’s premier youth and family serving organizations – NFI Vermont, Howard Center, and Matrix Health Systems. In 1995, these three organizations came together, recognizing the intensive and growing needs of teens and families in our communities. This recognition also included the belief that these three agencies could contribute resources and support expertise to best meet these growing needs.

In these early days,
we integrated some existing programs, grew new services, and figured out how to build on the strengths of each partner. We negotiated through the ‘start-up’ challenges, all the while working to provide the best possible services to our clients and their families.

Many years later,
Centerpoint has become a strong, stable, and growing organization. In 2017, we served more than ten times the number of students, clients, and families as compared to our first year. Our services have expanded in scope, enhanced in quality, and responded to changing times and needs. A 10 member staff has grown to become a talented and dedicated staffing of 65.

And most importantly,
our young people and their families have benefited from the expertise, resources, and connections that have developed through these highly designed and specialized services. They have access to the broad range of programs and supports offered at Centerpoint and through these host agencies, and with this, can be assured of the highest quality of care. Any day’s need may include crisis intervention or long-term residential treatment, family-based services, foster care or group care, psychological testing or psychiatric evaluation, respite or community mentoring – If the need exists, it’s likely that the umbrella of services within this interagency collaboration can help to meet that need.

But really, it’s about the people…

Beyond any great program design or organization’s structure and resources, the power of our work lays in the talented, creative, committed, flexible, and responsive staff at Centerpoint. Centerpoint’s professional staff includes:

  • Clinical Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors
  • Special Educators
  • Licensed Teachers and Counseling Teachers
  • Substance Abuse Clinicians and Community-Recovery Support Counselors
  • Art Therapists
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists
  • Administrators
  • Therapy dogs (although they are volunteers).

At times, our clients, students and families may speak of one of our programs or of how a particular service may have been helpful, but most often they speak of the people at Centerpoint – and how their counselor, or teacher, or team was helpful. To read some of these comments, click here to see What They’re Saying.

Centerpoint is guided by a Senior Leadership Team that includes:

Mitchell Barron, LICSW LADC
Executive Director


Katie Decker, MEd
Centerpoint School Program Director

Danielle Jatlow

Danielle Jatlow, LICSW LADC
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Director

clip_image010John Grimm, LICSW
Centerpoint School Clinical Director

Linda Horner

Linda Horner
Operations Coordinator

clip_image012Leslie Conroy, MD
Medical Director


Staff Internal

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