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As of 9/1/23, Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services, including Centerpoint School and Centerpoint Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, is closed.
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Centerpoint is highly regarded throughout Vermont for the quality of our services… for the skill, creativity, and commitment of our staff…for the flexibility and responsiveness of our programming… and most importantly because we help:

“you guys helped out my best friend, he started to get into drugs, it was awful…he went to Centerpoint and it was the first thing that started to turn his life around and I really want to give back to you guys because he means so much to me and it meant so much to me what you guys did.”

– message from a young woman
calling to volunteer at Centerpoint

“I don’t even have words…I was completely floored…you’re so awesome…I have the upmost respect and admiration for the way that you’re able to continue to come back day after day and honor these young people and their families at a point where we all have been there, or will be there, or have a loved one…my most sincere thanks.”

– a parent, community member,
and community leader

Happy Birthday ChipA note of appreciation from a young woman to her counselor, reflecting on her growth and the quality of support she received.  And the monkey?  A reminder of the “monkey” that that this counselor “helped get off [my] back!”

“…I want you to know that my life wouldn’t even be what it is without your help. I still remember the things I learned and how “wise” you are and how I try to apply them to my life. No matter where I go you have helped me in such positive ways so that I may succeed. I want to thank you for that.”

– a letter from a past client to his Centerpoint counselor

“We work with Chip…I gotta tell ya, he’s phenomenal…I just love the fact that he’s always available, he’s so kind, compassionate, understanding…to everyone, not just the kids – the parents as well. There’s just so many others…anyone I’ve come into contact with at Centerpoint has just been fantastic…the parent group meetings, all of those things you offer us to handle issues that we have are fantastic, and I just wanted to say thank you because I truly appreciate it.”

– a parent of a teen in our
SAMH counseling Services and
a student at Centerpoint School

“I received your evaluation of S-. Very well-done, thank-you very much, lots of good information that I had not learned before – very thorough and very helpful for what I need to do next – so I really appreciate your work, and getting it done so quickly and doing it so well.”

– Social Worker at the
Department for Children and
Families (DCF), Middlebury

“I wanted to thank you all, and everyone else at Centerpoint, for…everything you do for [our daughter] each day. We are so proud of her for how she handled today and know that it would have been very challenging for her without all of you. I was teary eyed listening to her success and how confident and proud she is of herself. For the FIRST time in [her] life she feels that “everyone likes me”! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– parents of a young woman enrolled at Centerpoint School


“I wanted to thank you for [your work. It is] a reminder of student and family needs and the services available. But more than that it’s a focus on the root of issues instead of the sometimes emergency level symptom which we (schools, parents, etc.) base decisions. You’ve caused me to reflect on what we ask students to do daily in the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment. Are the things we ask of students respectful, relevant and engaging? Are we asking our teachers to think about learning in these ways? Thank you for taking the time to engage with the learning community.”

– Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a local public school district

“Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for understanding everything. You always have something to say at the right time in need. I appreciate the fact that you still except me for who I am today and helping me with my issues and caring so much and taking the time to help. Your much appreciated and I am grateful.”

– a card from a client to
her Centerpoint Counselor

“I don’t know how else to express my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work your staff did this school year to help M- have a successful one…the staff at Centerpoint are an extremely dedicated group who are caring, supportive of the whole family, and very knowledgeable on what it takes to motivate and nurture a young person…not only is M- receiving a quality education, but he is learning the skills to cope with his personal challenges! Thanks to all of you – your efforts are greatly appreciated!”

– a parent of a Centerpoint School Student



Click on image above to hear former Department of Education Commissioner Ray McNulty’s remarks to the Vermont State Board of Education about his visit to Centerpoint

“These students were incredible, the work they were doing..it’s intense work, and some of these students had not previously been at-all successful… and the environment was incredible. [The program] is really getting excellent results with high needs students.” – a prior Commissioner of the Department of Education in his remarks to the Vermont State Board of Education

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