Do you have health insurance?

Vermont Health ConnectVermont Health Connect is a way to choose a health insurance plan that fits your needs and your situation.  Now is the right time to enroll – and support is available to help you find a health insurance plan that is best for you.

At Centerpoint, Amanda is our Certified Application Counselor – Amanda can provide support and assistance as you explore the different options available through  Vermont Health Connect, and as you enroll in your health insurance plan.

All of the plans offered through Vermont Health Connect offer the same quality benefits like doctor visits, mental health and substance abuse treatment, hospital stays, preventive care, and prescription coverage – so there’s no guesswork about what’s covered. Some of these plans are commercial (private) insurance plans; others are public plans (such as Medicaid).  Depending on how much you earn, you might qualify for a low-cost or free health plan. You may also get financial help to lower your monthly premium costs or per-visit co-pays.

Finding the right health plan can be a challenge, and, as a Certified Application Counselor, Amanda can help.  You can reach Amanda through our main number at Centerpoint – 802-488-7711.  You can also get support and lots of information directly from the Vermont Health Connect Team – on line by  – Clicking Here – or by calling toll-free at 1-855-899-9600.

Vermont Health Connect is administered by the Department of Vermont Health Access,
part of the State of Vermont’s Agency of Human Services.

A little bit about us

Centerpoint provides a full array of treatment & educational supports and services to teens, young adults, and their families faced with emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, or special learning needs. At Centerpoint, we believe in the strengths and assets of the teens and families with whom we work. We recognize that our clients bring with them the capacity to improve their lives, and we offer our skill, dedication, creativity, & flexibility to assist our clients as they make these life changes.

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