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Centerpoint’s Immediate Access programming has resulted in no waiting lists and offers access to services within 24-48 hours.  This is a remarkable improvement over common practices in specialty counseling and health care services, where delays and waiting lists often interfere with people getting help when they need help.

Through our Immediate Access initiative, teens and families experience responsiveness that has been described as “amazing,” “incredible,” “you people are the only ones…,” “I had no idea…”

An intake assessment within hours rather than weeks…
Counseling services within days rather than months…

Like to learn more, or to get support for you or your family?
Call SAMH Admissions Coordinator Michael Hunter at 488-7714, or be in touch at [email protected].

A little bit about us

Centerpoint provides a full array of treatment & educational supports and services to teens, young adults, and their families faced with emotional, behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, or special learning needs. At Centerpoint, we believe in the strengths and assets of the teens and families with whom we work. We recognize that our clients bring with them the capacity to improve their lives, and we offer our skill, dedication, creativity, & flexibility to assist our clients as they make these life changes.

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