Family Support


At Centerpoint, we work with many parents and caregivers who are facing their own difficulties as they try to raise their teens. We meet with parents who feel alone, at a loss, not sure where to turn or what to do.

Through our Parent, Care Giver, and Family Support Services, we recognize that a teen’s challenges affect the whole family. We also recognize that when parents and families struggle, the children and teens within the family may be the most affected.

And in our work with young people, we see some of the greatest success when we are able to assist and support the whole family.

Centerpoint’s parent and family services come in many forms:

  • Parent Skills Training is provided to those who are interested in learning new skills and strategies for parenting their teens and young adults. This is also helpful for parents with differing parenting styles as they work to develop a shared approach to raising their teen.
  • Parent, Care Giver, and Family Support helps to increase parent confidence during the difficult times and decrease the stress and anxiety experienced by many parents. This is available individually and in group with others. Through Centerpoint’s highly popular Parent Support Groups, parents experience a ‘support network’ that builds connections and reduces the sense of isolation felt by so many.
  • Centerpoint’s Family Therapy is a solution-oriented approach to helping whole families overcome obstacles, build new skills, address underlying issues, and take the steps toward improved family functioning and well-being.
  • Multi-Family Group offers teens and their parents an opportunity to access the benefits of family therapy while also receiving the mutual support, fresh perspectives, and shared learning opportunities that best come through group therapy.
  • Parent Information Nights and Special Programs include speaker nights, self-care events, Trimester Fairs, Transition Ceremonies, and consultation services for community groups and parent associations.

Centerpoint’s parent group services are designed for parents who are struggling with their teen and for parents who are just trying to be  successful at ‘one of the hardest jobs:’

⇒ Parent Support Groups (Wednesdays, 5:30 – 7:30): Providing skills, strategies, and support for parents and families struggling with a young person’s substance use. Group participants include parents with teens in treatment, parents whose teens have completed treatment but appreciate the continued support, and parents whose teens may need help but are not yet taking advantage of counseling.

BPHC You Parent logo⇒  YouParent(Schedules vary): In conjunction with the Burlington Partnership for A Healthy Community, YouParent support and skills groups assist parents in the Burlington and Winooski communities to prepare for the needs and challenges of raising healthy, substance free middle and high school students. This developmentally matched model includes parent peer cohorts, Affinity Groups, and Parent Meet-Ups along with ongoing support to reinforce application of new skills and strategies


If your family is in need of assistance, or if you would like to learn more about Centerpoint’s supports for parents, caregivers, and families, call 488-7711 or share your request by clicking on

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