Which parent said “I thought I was the only one…”

Many of the parents who walk through the doors of Centerpoint say something like “I thought I was the only one…” In fact, most of the parents who were reluctant to show up for the first time to Centerpoint’s Parent Support Group are the same parents who are still in our parking lot 20 minutes after the group has ended, locked in conversation, getting support, learning, receiving encouragement, and making connections with other parents.

Centerpoint’s Parent Support Group is designed for parents with teens who are involved in counseling at Centerpoint…for parents whose teens have completed treatment, but who themselves want to remain involved for the ongoing support…and for parents who don’t know where to turn; who are struggling with their teen but don’t know what to do next.  In addition to the support and encouragement, this group offers skills and strategies for parenting through difficult times, and participation can continue into Centerpoint’s Family Therapy Group.  This ‘rolling admissions’ group includes parents who have been attending in an ongoing way, as well as parents who call with a need on one day and ‘drop in’ to the group on the next.

And soon, we’ll be hosting Parent Support Groups at other locations in Burlington and throughought Chittenden County

To learn more about Centerpoint’s weekly Parent Support Group or Family Therapy Group, please contact

Group Facilitator Kim Burgess, MS LADC at 488-7712(Kimb@howardcenter.org). 

To learn more about Centerpoint’s range of counseling services, please contact Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Program Director Michael Hunter, LCMHC LADC at 488-7714 (Michaelh@howardcenter.org).

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