Declan McDaid, LICSW


(he, him)

My practice is informed, shaped, and guided by social work values and principles.  For instance, I believe that we can have a better understanding of a person and family’s needs and strengths by exploring the wider systems and the various relational systems that people have interactions with.

My professional experience has been mainly focused on working with youth, caregivers, and family systems who are navigating developmental and/or mental health needs.  I have particular experience in working with young people and families who have experienced trauma, often at key developmental stages in a young person’s life.  The therapeutic approach that I offer may be different depending on the unique capabilities of a family, and at the same time, I often notice that young people and families are often exploring ways to navigate challenging stressors and would like to create new ways of understanding and being.  If young people are interested, I offer opportunities to utilize health-promoting and developmentally matched activities or games in our meetings.

I strive to be a supportive, curious, nonjudgmental, trauma sensitive, culturally humble, and collaborative presence for students, caregivers, and families. I am a strong supporter of community health, and believe in the power of community care and the power of relational connection for health and wellness.




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