Student Work Showcase

It’s impossible to describe the whole range of what students do in their classes at Centerpoint School because, since every student is different, every class is different.

Here’s a small sampling of the sort of work that some students at Centerpoint School are doing. Click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

Computer Programming in HTML, CSS and Javascript

Computer programming is a skill that is high in demand. It requires creativity, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills.
JM has been learning to program in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Below is a screenshot of some javascript code he wrote when learning how to make a “Choose your own adventure” computer game.

js snip

Silk Screening

In this project, JSh has been learning not only the technical aspects of silk screening, but also how to take a conceptual vision and turn it into a tangible reality.


Running a Small Business – Selling Handmade Crafts on Etsy

In this comprehensive project, KC is researching how to run a small business, creating a business plan, and sewing a wide variety of crafts to sell on In this picture she’s working on a stuffed owl.


“Who am I?” graffiti and tattoo project

Art is a powerful way to express identity and emotion. In this project, DD is reflecting on who he is,
what he values, and how he wants to present himself to the world. He’s researching art forms such as graffiti
and tattoo to learn more about how others use art to express themselves, and then creating designs to express his own identity.
Below is his latest design.

DD art snip

Computer Game Design

Designing computer games requires an understanding of the principles of design, some technical knowledge, and a whole lot of creativity. Feel free to click on the image below to play a computer game that MG made using Gamestar Mechanic.

gamestart snip

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