Student Resources

Check out these links for awesome sites to use in your classes! 

Search Engines (besides Google)

Wolfram Alpha – a “computational knowledge engine.” Does lots of cool things with results – for example, tells you how many days old you are if you search your birthday.

–> Finding Photos: 

Behold – searches Creative Commons images (pictures that are free and legal to use in your own artwork/presentations)  
PhotoPin – another search for free images
Showing what you know
Prezi – fancy online slideshows 
Wordle – make a word cloud from student writing
Glogster – online poster-making (ask your teacher to log you in)
Fakebook – create a fake Facebook page for a historical figure

Blogger – Google blogging tool
Tumblr – great for sharing photos

Community Opportunities/Jobs
TeenOpps – “the go-to place for Vermont teens looking for something to do”

Generating Ideas – online whiteboard. Add text and move around note cards. Multiple people on different computers can collaborate.
 – create a mind map – put post-its on a cork board. Save and collaborate!
Burlington Free Press
SevenDays VT 
CNN Student News – news videos and podcasts geared toward students
USA Today online edition – ask your teacher to log you in.

Artistic Expression Sites
Google Art Project – online tours of world-famous art museums 
Smart History – video, picture, and voice lessons about all kinds of art 
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – interactive features on lots of artists 
Museum of Online Museums – lists museums with online features and exhibits
Art Babble – videos and online exhibits about art 
iNudge – layer sounds together to experiment with music & beats
Graffiti Creator – create awesome graffiti text with lots of effects and colors

Citizenship, Community & Culture Sites
Picturing America – collections of paintings and photos related to different events in history 

Exploration and Inquiry Sites
The Scale of the Universe – amazing visualization of how big the parts of our universe are compared to each other. – earn badges through “doing it yourself” in a variety of skill areas – from fort-building to zoology!

Communication & Literacy Sites
Definr – “incredibly fast dictionary” – easy to use and read. 
Young Writers Project – community of Vermont student writers
Graph Words – type in a word and then click on it to view related words. You can create a web and then save it or share it. 
Spelling City – spelling resource activity 
Infinite Bookcase – super awesome way to check out books. Seriously, just look at it. 
Digital Textbook – an online resource for reading & writing, way more up to date than a printed textbook! 
Story Creator –  create a comic-book-style story with words, pictures and sounds

Numeracy Sites
Academic Skill Builders – math skills through interactive games
Khan Academy –  instructional math videos for a range of skill levels
Money Instructor – a site to help you learn about money/personal finance. See Dana for login details. 

Videos (besides YouTube)
Ted Talks – amazing mini-presentations on an astounding range of topics
Driver’s Ed
Drive VT 
– an interactive online version of the Driver’s Ed manual.

Typeracer – “the global typing race” 

Break Time
Do Nothing for 2 Minutes – soothing ocean sounds and a challenge not to touch the computer for two minutes. – make abstract drip paintings online. Scroll down and use the different white spaces for different effects. 
Tone Matrix – click on different squares to light them up and create combinations of tones. Creates some very cool music.
Pandora – create a radio station based on an artist you like. 
(Note: change your account settings to filter out explicit content by clicking blue “Account” link).
Sporcle – quizzes on a range of topics from geography (name the 50 states!) to the Simpsons. 

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