Sarah Lowry, MA



Sometimes getting to the root of an issue may be hard by just talking. So much of our experience comes in through our feelings, our sensations, our bodies, and the nonverbal ways that we locate safety and connection to others.  As a Drama Therapist, in addition to talking, I will invite you to use art, movement, drama, metaphor and play in our sessions so you can process and explore even the things that are most difficult to talk about.  So… be prepared to be silly, to make a mess, and to make some noise! No previous experience required!  I am also trained in Somatic Experiencing, which is an approach that works directly with how trauma and resilience are stored in the body. This work is often useful for individuals who are experiencing concurrent physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, and for those who have not found much progress in talk therapy.

My style is direct and relational. As a white, Jewish, queer counselor, I utilize a systems approach in my work exploring how individual and family histories, current family dynamics, culture, peer networks, and larger societal systems all impact our health and wellbeing.  I also hold a deep awareness for how oppression and discrimination may impact the individual and our communities.

I have particular interest and experience in supporting: LGBQ, transgender and gender non-conforming youth; individuals and family systems that have experienced trauma. I also have interest and experience in working with the physical symptoms that may be present as a result of trauma. I seek to create a space within the counseling relationship that is safe for clients to choose to share their truths, take risks, and bring all the layers of their experience into the room and into the relationship.


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