Sam Riden, LCMHC


My approach focuses on building trust and safety so that together we can identify and explore aspects of your life that mean the most to you. It is my belief that an authentic and honest therapeutic relationship can support you to develop greater awareness about your thoughts and feelings, increase self-compassion, make meaning of difficult life experiences, and promote healing. My style of therapy can be described as person-centered and relationally-focused, pulling from postmodern, constructivist, and systems theories.

I work with adolescents and their families focusing on mental health and substance use issues. I am always learning and integrating techniques to help alleviate individual’s anxious thoughts and feelings, minimize the impact of stress, adjust to developmental or environmental changes, explore current and past relationships, and build understanding around challenging life experiences.

My intention is to provide a therapeutic experience that fosters exploration, curiosity, and growth. Thus, I aim to create a space that welcomes conflicting, confusing, harsh, or upsetting thoughts and feelings so that together we can make sense of them. I use a strength-based approach in the hopes of bringing forth each individual’s innate creativity, resilience, and insight. I recognize the importance of diverse perspectives, abilities, and life experiences, and strive to incorporate each into my work.

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