Administrative Assistant

Thanks for your interest in the
Administrative Assistant position at Centerpoint.

To assist us in the screening and interview process, please complete and forward:

  • a cover letter highlighting your skills and talents
  • a current copy of your resume
  • responses to the following 7 questions:

1)      A parent and teen show up for an appointment, clearly in conflict with an argument that found its way from their car through our parking lot and into our waiting room.  As they are arguing while standing at your reception window, what are some of the things that you would think about or consider?  What are some of the things that you might say or do?


2)      You take a phone call in which a parent simply asks about our hours and location.  By their hesitation, you sense that there may be more “behind the call.”  What might you say/what questions might you ask to further assess if additional support is needed or wanted?


3)      A Centerpoint School student finds her way from the school wing to the reception area.  She engages you in conversation and is very polite and charming.  You, however, assume that she should be back in school as she is not with staff nor was ‘connecting with you’ part of her daily plan.  What might you say or do to help this student re-engage with her school plan?


4)      Please share how this position (as you understand it) would fit with your personal and professional career goals.


5)      Why do you think people abuse drugs or alcohol?


6)      This is a 40 hour/week full-year position, scheduled Monday – Friday, typically 8:30-5:00 with a 30 minute lunch.  Would you be able to fulfill this schedule?


7)      What are you wage/salary requirements?


Please forward your letter, resume, and responses to
Following the receipt and review of your email response,
we’ll be scheduling initial interviews.

Again, thanks for your interest.
We look forward to reviewing your application.

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