Accommodated Program Plans through Centerpoint’s Educational Initiatives (CEI)

As a part of Centerpoint’s Specialized Education Day Treatment (SEDT) services, Centerpoint’s Community Education Initiatives (CEI) provide variable day, flexibly scheduled, therapeutically-informed educational services to students who require a more customized, individualized approach to learning in order to thrive.

This programming offers an array of individualized designs and service delivery plans as requested by students and their teams, as contracted by students’ Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and as indicated during the Centerpoint SEDT intake. CEI services are voluntary and collaboratively designed placing the student and their currently presenting needs and capacities at the center of the process.

CEI services include: targeted instruction in special education goal areas as indicated by a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), assessment and evaluation of student skill acquisition and growth via proficiency-based standards for the achievement of a high school diploma in the State of Vermont, and transition-supportive services, all delivered with Centerpoint’s therapeutic expertise.

For many of Centerpoint’s SEDT students, the programming plans delivered through these CEI services provide a portion of a student’s educational programming over the course of a school day, week, or entire educational career. For some students, additional services are provided by the sending school or by another educational, vocational, or community skills provider, including post-secondary options (career, education and independent living). Each student’s full education program remains the responsibility of the sending school/LEA for coordination and oversight (in accordance with IDEA and FAPE). Centerpoint CEI services may be designed to support student success in areas outside of contracted CEI programming, such as in work-study placements, vocational or technical training programs, higher education, driver’s education, or general education classes taken at a student’s sending school.  CEI also offers services to assess student proficiency in skills gained from those experiences outside contracted CEI programming in order to support progress towards proficiency-based graduation requirements.

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