Snow Days and School Cancellations

Does Centerpoint School ever close for snow days or bad weather?

Yes, Centerpoint School does occasionally close due to snow storms and other weather concerns.  Most often we are closed when our local community schools (South Burlington and Winooski) are closed.  If these districts are open, we will most likely be open.

To find out if we are open or closed:

  • Watch  the school closings on WPTZ – 5 or WCAX – 3, check the WPTZ or WCAX websites, or listen to the local radio stations.  We are listed as Centerpoint, which includes  both Winooski and South Burlington School Campuses.
  • Additionally, you can call our main office line at 488-7711.  If we are closed or have any schedule  adjustments, our outgoing message will provide the detail.
  • Please note that news/radio postings as well as the phone message change will occur no later than 6:45am.  If you are watching the TV listings or call our main line at 6:50 and do not  see/hear that we are closed, then we are open.
  • There  may also be a posting on the front page of our website.  Depending on weather, power outages, or internet issues, this may not be updated by 6:45 – this should not be considered an accurate or timely indication of our school closing status in the morning but may provide additional information throughout the day.

It is common that many of our sending districts are closed while we are open.  Centerpoint School’s attendance policy includes:

  • If  a student’s sending district is closed/no transportation is available, that student is not expected to be in attendance and can be considered an  excused absence.  In these cases, the student is certainly welcome, and it is common for some students to come to school regardless of their home school status.
  • If  a student should be in attendance (their sending district is open) but opts out for other reasons, this is considered an unexcused absence.

With any questions or additional needs, please be in touch with your School Social Worker or Campus Director, or by clicking here.

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