School Contact Information

Centerpoint School Front Desk, Main Line: 802-488-7711

Fax number for South Burlington Campus: 802-488-7732

Fax number for Winooski campus: 802-654-7727

School Leadership Contact information:

Mitch Barron, Director of Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services: ph: 802-488-7721, email:

Katie Decker, Director of Centerpoint School: ph: 802-488-7731, email:

John Grimm, Clinical Director: ph: 802-324-4507, email:

Dana Visser, Special Education Coordinator: ph: 802-363-6954, email:

Jenn Baudreau, House Leader of Aspen House: ph: 802-324-5473, email:

Kevin Mailepors, House Leader of Cedar House: ph: 802-355-6508, email:

Jarod Waite, House Leader of Magnolia House: ph: 802-363-7808, email:

Lorcan Ackley, House Leader of Maple House: ph: 802-324-4790, email:

Alex (Ali) Shevrin, House Leader of Sequoia House: ph: 802-363-0416, email:

Additional Staffing Information for Each House::

Aspen HouseĀ 

Cedar House

Magnolia House

Maple House

Sequoia House

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