Driver Education & Training, a closer look…

Centerpoint’s specialized, therapeutic driver preparation & training is designed for young people with a range of complex needs, with a blend of services including:

  • individualized, differentiated, and accommodated instructional methods as approved and licensed through the VT Department of Motor Vehicles
  • therapeutic service and support to address a range of essential topics including:

1. decision-making and problem solving
2. communication skills
3. anger management and emotional regulation
4. conflict prevention, resolution, and restoration
5. stress reduction and coping skills
6. health, wellness, and goal planning
7. cultural and population-specific topics
8. (parent/caregiver) skills and supports for parenting your new driver

The Referral Process includes:

  • Driver Education Application & Screening
  • Checkpoint® Health & Wellness Screening

and service Delivery begins with:

  • accommodated, differentiated classroom instruction
  • Checkpoint® 3 Session Brief Intervention Program

Service Delivery continues with:

  • Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) accommodated, differentiated driving instruction and support (at least 6 hours), along with observation (minimum 6 hours) and continued classroom instruction (at least 30 hours
  • Centerpoint’s individual and/or group-based services and supports (above, 1-8) as indicated1.

and may include additional Services available as required or desired:

  • Supported Driving Practice, if not otherwise available (DMV-required, 40 hours)
  • Vehicle access/support for License Road Test
  • additional tutoring

Cost for this service includes a combination of course tuition and services fees :

$960 student tuition includes:

  • Driver Education Application & Screening,
  • Checkpoint® Health & Wellness Screening
  • Classroom, Observation, and Behind-the-Wheel Education and Training

and may be paid through a contract or out of pocket.

The fees for therapeutic services (above, 1-8) when clinically identified and indicated are often paid through Medicaid, other commercial insurances, or other non-tuition sources.

Centerpoint’s Therapeutic Supports, as clinically indicated, include individual, family, and group services, such as:

Services as Identified above

CHANGES (SA) 1,2,6
CHANGES (MH) 1,2,6
Anger Management 3, 4
Just Breathe 5
Wellness 5
Samurai 5
Skill Set 1,5,6

 A range of parent and caregiver support services are also available/

Note: Therapeutic Services and Supports may be accessed from other providers when indicated/preferred, however in these situations, the other provider must insure a sufficient ‘wraparound’ level-of-care as defined by effective communication, coordination, consultation, and with interrelated conditional implications for continued safety and program participation.


Cord Hull, Centerpoint Driver Education Coordinator, 488-0215,
Olivia Sanders, Centerpoint Checkpoint Coordinator, 488- 7718,
Danielle Jatlow, Centerpoint SAMH Director, 488-7727,
Mitchell Barron, Centerpoint Executive Director, 488-7721,


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